The Anti-Griddle

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If you love to make frozen dessert, have an extra 16" x 19" x 11" in your kitchen and $850 to throw at your hobby, have we got the appliance for you: it's the minus 30°F Anti-Griddle.

This odd-ball invention is a traditional cooktop with a twist: the device quickly freezes sauces and purees instead of heating them, allowing you to freeze sauces and purees solid or develop semi-frozen creations with stable, crunchy surfaces and cool, creamy centers.

There really is something out there for everyone.

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Sara Kate is the founding editor of The Kitchn. She co-founded the site in 2005 and has since written three cookbooks. She is most recently the co-author of The Kitchn Cookbook, to be published in October 2014 by Clarkson Potter.