Thanksgiving Sangria, Double-Crust Apple Pie, Potato Rolls, Mexican-Spiced Turkey & Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bars

New Recipes from The Kitchn

Let us help you finish up that Thanksgiving menu! From this past week, we have a refreshing cider sangria to serve with Thanksgiving dinner and recipes for both potato rolls and buttermilk biscuits to serve alongside. Branch out from tradition and give this Mexican-spiced turkey a try — but keep the classics for dessert, ok? It doesn't get much better than pumpkin pie and a double-crust apple pie side by side on the dessert table.

(Image credits: Maureen Petrosky; Emma Christensen; Nealey Dozier; Penny De Los Santos; Faith Durand; Emily Han; Dana Velden; Gentl & Hyers; Andrew Zuckerman)