Shiso, Spring Soups and Dumplings

Food and cooking from national newspapers

We've neglected our weekly roundups of good eating and cooking from newspapers from across the country, but we're back! Here are some choice bits from across the USA. First up: in Los Angeles they're encouraging us to try shiso, a slightly spicy, citrusy herb. They also already have gorgeous pastel vegetables at the farmers markets, and they're flirting with spring soups.

More nationwide food coverage below, ranging from Atlanta to Chicago.

• In Chicago an Evanston activist invents meals that use pantry staples to help shut-ins and others cook without going out for groceries. Also, a couple gives up lattes in exchange for an IKEA gadget, and we like this recipe for Catalan-style spaghetti.

• In Washington D.C. it's all about simple, delicious food. Highlights: Dumpling satisfaction, with gnocchi, an adult take on grilled cheese, coffee cocktails and easy, tasty leek tart.

• In Atlanta - how do chefs get food on their own table? Three women chefs give their own family tips. Also, Tomato Bisque, reviews of new Pepperidge Farm cookies and decorating tips.

• In San Francisco they go whole hog to celebrate the pig, and they also have recipes for Pork and Mustard Stroganoff, Sole with Fennel, Watercress & Grapefruit Salad and Pot of Beans.

(Top images: Glenn Koenig for the LA Times.)

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