Hansen Living Kitchen Furniture from Denmark

Hansen Living Kitchen Furniture from Denmark

Faith Durand
Feb 27, 2008

It was an easy week to round up kitchen and cooking-related design from our sister home sites; looks like they all wish they were in the kitchen! Here are a few of our top food-related picks, starting with Jill's tour of Hansen Living Kitchen Architecture in Denmark. Gorgeous!

More after the jump, including two ideas for small-space composting, storage, art in the kitchen, and a mug for tea-drinkers...

Look! Kitchen Counter Compost Chute at AT: San Francisco

Naturemill Indoor Composter from Unplggd

Artwork Over the Stove at AT: Los Angeles - Artwork over the stove? What do you think?

The Pouch Mug at AT: San Francisco

Lovely kitchen storage at AT: San Francisco

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