How do bakers get those thin, elegantly drizzled lines of chocolate on their cakes and bonbons? Whenever we try to drizzle with a fork or brush we get globs instead of drizzle.

Then we learned the trick: a plastic bag.

To quickly and easily drizzle chocolate, all you need is a plastic pastry bag or a Ziploc freezer-weight quart or gallon bag - along with chocolate, of course.

• Fill a pastry or Ziploc bag halfway full with chocolate chips or chopped, flaked chocolate. The best chocolate for drizzling or coating has a high amount of cocoa butter.

• Depending on how you feel about microwaving plastic, you can put the bag directly in the microwave and melt the chocolate using low power and 30-second increments.

• We are rather wary of microwaving plastic, however, so usually we melt our chocolate in a saucepan on the stove and scoop it into a plastic bag after it has liquified. A side advantage to this is being really sure that the chocolate is completely liquid - we have another post later about what happens when it is not!


Last time we were in a hurry and microwaved the chocolate after all; you can see the chocolate chips still in the bag above. Knead the bag between microwaving sessions to mix it and distribute heat.

• When the chocolate is completely melted, snip off a tiny corner of the bag's tip with scissors, or poke a hole with a sharp skewer.

• Squeeze slightly to drizzle over the delicious thing you're decorating, reheating the bag if necessary to soften the chocolate again.

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(Image credit: La Fleur Chocolate)