Tasty Empanadas: 5 Recipes to Make Now & Freeze For Later

Tender flaky pastry pockets filled with everything from fresh corn to spicy beef? Yes, please. Empanadas are always welcome in my kitchen and on my plate. With a busy few months ahead, I'm planning on making a big batch and freezing them for quick meals when I need them.

To freeze, lay unbaked empanadas side-by-side on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Make sure they don't touch or the empanadas will freeze together. Freeze until solid, then transfer the empanadas into a freezer bag. Frozen empanadas will keep for up to three months and can be baked straight from the freezer. Add a few extra minutes to the cooking time.

Fully-baked empanadas can also be frozen, though they lose a bit of their tender and flaky texture. I find it best to wrap them individually in plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn. To re-heat, unwrap as many empanadas as you want and warm in a low oven or toaster oven, or re-heat them for a few minutes in the microwave.

Argentinian Beef Empanadas from Turntable Kitchen
Mushroom and Butternut Squash Empanadas from Gourmet
Chicken Empanadas with Chorizo and Olives from Saveur
Spinach and Cheese Empanadas from Use Real Butter
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Empanadas from Cooking Light

What are your favorite empanadas?

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(Image used with permission from Kasey Fleisher Hickey of Turntable Kitchen)