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Mark Bittman says the best pizza you'll ever eat is the kind you make at home. Really? 'Tis true, friends. In a return to his weekly dining column in The Times, Bittman says "it's about three things: some confidence, practice and a food processor." The column delves into the how-to home techniques (in his characteristic don't-overthink-it tone), but if you really want to get specifics, then join the hour-long chat Mark Bittman is hosting TODAY at 3pm on The Times' Facebook page. It's all about pizza!

Topics to be discussed:

• How to achieve the perfect crust in a home oven
• Tricks for working with dough
• Unusual toppings to embrace
• Whether or not it's worth investing in a pizza stone
• The larger question of what makes for a successful pie

Post your own pizza-related questions and comments beforehand here.

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