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First there was Modernist Cuisine. Then there was Modernist Cuisine for Home Cooks. And now there's Modernist Cuisine... free and online! The team behind that expansive cookbook is venturing into online cooking classes, which they're offering for free to curious cooks. First up: sous vide cooking!

ChefSteps.com is a free to learn cooking school where you can "master techniques of traditional and modernist cooking through practical, hands-on demonstrations with detailed step-by-step explanations." Classes are free to sign up, but admittedly "challenging," as the website says. The site hasn't officially launched yet, but you can catch a preview of the inaugural course on sous vide cooking. The preview includes a short video, step-by-step instructions, and recipes for preparing a sous vide meal start to finish. (It's actually Module 7 of 7 in the course.) Read all about the full course here and sign-up for updates.

Interesting! Will you be taking these classes?

Go To Site: ChefSteps.com

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