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When it comes to competence in household matters, laundry ranks very near the bottom of my personal list. Clean laundry rarely makes it into my bedroom dresser; my longsuffering husband and I pick it out of overflowing baskets in the guest room. But there is one sort of thing that always (always) gets folded immediately upon its removal from the dryer: Cloth napkins. And there is a very good reason for this — also stemming from my loathing of laundry.
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See, if you fold napkins promptly, still warm from the dryer, and smooth them down hard, they really don't need to be ironed. And it there is one thing I loathe even more than folding laundry, it's ironing.

I have switched pretty much entirely to using cloth napkins at the table, and I love the look and feel (not to mention reusability) of using a substantial cloth napkin instead of a flimsy paper one. But I hesitated for a long time on making this shift, because I assumed I would be living with ultra-wrinkly napkins all the time. And ironing was an option reserved only for the most special of times. (Actually, I take that back — last Thanksgiving I sent them out to be cleaned. I truly hate ironing.)

But as long as I take them out of the dryer immediately and fold them smooth, my napkins are acceptably non-wrinkled, at least for my taste. It's a small tip, but it's the one that put me over the edge of using cloth napkins full-time!

Do you have any other good tips for making cloth napkins look better or last longer?

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