Sweet Twist on a Classic: Dark Chocolate & Coconut Popovers

Whoa. Whoa. Just when I thought my love for those eggy, airy little bread puffs — popovers — couldn't grow any deeper, along comes a dark chocolate chocolate version.

This recipe is from Susan, who blogs at Doughmesstic. We know Susan from way back when; she was a winner in our long-ago pie contest of 2008! (See her winning entry here.)

This popover idea is equally brilliant and deserving of awards. Popovers are so simple and old-fashioned — just an eggy batter that's cooked quick and hot in the oven, resulting in a dramatically puffed and airy interior, and a crisp, golden, chewy exterior. (They're pretty perfect with soup, I have to say.)

But Susan takes this savory bread beyond its origins, by adding coconut flour to the popovers and tucking a few squares of dark chocolate inside as they bake. Could this be the Americana answer to the French chocolate croissant? I think it just may.

Get the recipe: Coconut and Dark Chocolate Popovers at Doughmesstic

See another recipe from Susan: Candy Apple Pie

(Image: Susan of Doughmesstic)

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