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Special moments and holidays don't have to hit you over the head. Sometimes they can be small additions to your everyday routines that can cause a smile or a touch of special-ness to your average Tuesday. This year we're not focused on a dish to make someone fall in love, but we have melted over these marvelous milk hearts.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Valentine's Day can be full of expenditures. Sure all it really requires is a few extra hugs and kisses, but if you like food as much as we do there are usually wonderful meals, special sweets and even a night out on the town. To keep things more surprising (and thrifty) we're loving these special heart ice cubes made from milk.

They've been colored and can be popped into a steamy cup of hot chocolate, your morning cup of coffee, or even on top of a warm bowl of oatmeal. They might not be the over the top theatrics that some Valentine's Days involve, but sometimes all you need is a little love and something inexpensive to remind you of the lovely things in life.

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