Sweet and Light: 10 Pastel Kitchens

Kitchen Inspiration

After falling in love with this cheery kitchen last week, it was only natural I'd poke around for more pretty pastel kitchens. There's something very sweet about this fun and playful look — so light and frothy, like cotton candy!

In most of these kitchens, the dominant pastel is baby blue (as opposed to pale pink) which keeps the kitchens from feeling too cutesy. Add just the right amount of minty green, yellow, and pale pink, and you have a fresh color palette that is anything but dark and dreary.

What do you think about going pastel in the kitchen?

(Image credits: The Yvestown Blog; The Yvestown Blog; Sivan Askayo; House and Garden; Via Oh Mai Darling; Torie Jayne; Rebecca Bond; Leela Cyd; Boligcious; Via Designhund)