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Phoenix, AZ
Square Feet:
What makes your small kitchen so cool:
This 1944 home still had original kitchen cabinets, but they had rotted from a leak, so we gutted the kitchen, and while we were at it, we removed part of a wall to open it to the dining room. Besides doing most of the work ourselves and even installing the planked walls and ceiling, our kitchen is cool because we installed a large, antimicrobial copper sink that hides dishes from the front door, a blue SMEG, open shelving, mixed countertops (marble, granite, and wood), and KCMA certified cabinets on the sink-side. All of this is on an epoxy, cement floor.
Describe a challenge you've overcome or a smart resource you've found for your kitchen.:
The cabinets on the stove side were going to cost 7000 dollars, but they were so tiny that we decided to make them ourselves. We used two IKEA islands, one for each side of the stove, and cut the tops down to size. We then purchased a remnant of Carrara marble from a local fabricator and then paid to have it fabricated into two countertops. I found baskets from another company to fit the shelves creating four drawers. I attached a towel bar to each. The cabinets on the stove side and the upper shelves we built for that side cost about 300 dollars even with the labor of fabricating the remnant.
What's your favorite meal to cook here?:
There are three of us and everyone prefers his or her own meal. With the kitchen’s open shelving and center island for prep, the setup of this kitchen is perfect for a short order cook, but it is cool to roll out a piecrust on the marble counter.