Survey: When Do You Use Chopsticks?

It has always struck me as kind of funny that Westerners only use chopsticks when eating a stir fry or other Asian food. Chopsticks are an amazing eating tool and can be applied to many other cuisines as well. For example, eating a salad (green, fruit, or pasta) with chopsticks works wonderfully since chopsticks make it possible be more precise. Thick stews like Boeuf Bourguignon, chicken pot pie, and ceviche all can be safely navigated with chopsticks. What maybe doesn't work so well? Yogurt.

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(Image: Dana Velden of work by the artist Imin Yeh)

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Dana Velden is a freelance food writer. She lives, eats, plays, and gets lost in Oakland, California where she is in the throes of raising her first tomato plant.