Survey: What's Your Favorite Kind of Jam?

Jam, jelly, preserves, confiture. Whether you make your own or buy it, what's your very favorite flavor? It's hard to pick just one, of course, so if you have more favorites, tell us in the comments. What's the best jam you've ever had (and, incidentally, what do you like to eat it on?)

We like a good loaf of plain bread, or a crusty baguette, with fresh butter and a spoonful of jam. It doesn't get much better than that! We had a baguette with strawberry jam and salted butter this morning. We also love jam with goat cheese - try wheat crackers, soft chevre, and fig jam.

Here are a few favorite jam reviews and recipes from the archives:

The Jam Report
We Love Jam's Apricot Jam
Griffins' Raspberry Extra
Hafi Black Currant Preserves
TJ's Prince of Denmark Strawberry
Duchy Originals Raspberry & Lime
TJ's Organic Raspberry
Dundee Orange Marmalade

Fig and Sesame Jam
Help! Our Jam Is Too Hard
Recipe: Peach, Plum, and Ginger Jam
Recipe: D.I.Y. Cranberry Jam

(Image: Flickr member Will Pate licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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