Survey: What Is Your Favorite Wine to Sip?

What's your favorite wine to sip? This may seem a slightly odd question, since choosing wine usually depends on what you're eating. But this is a different sort of question. If you were picking up a nice bottle to drink on a crisp spring evening, with dinner over and done, what would you reach for? What's your favorite wine to sip straight, no food necessary?

Obviously these are sweeping categories, but we're curious where your tastes fall. Tell us, and by all means, if you have a bottle recommendation, leave it in the comments!

My personal choice would be a slightly fizzy, yet dry white — like a vinho verde, or a Txakolina from Spain. If choosing for my husband, I would go for a big red with rich, smooth flavors, like a Spanish Tempranillo or our current pick, the Portugese Crasto Douro.

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(Image: Flickr member Stewart licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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