Survey: How Well Can You Eat With Chopsticks?

We had absolutely delicious Korean food at a friend's home last night. Although our chopsticks skills aren't shabby, we still have room to grow, especially when navigating Korean food, which is less familiar to us than Chinese and Japanese. It made us curious: do you eat with chopsticks? And if so, what's your comfort level? Take our survey then read on for some chopsticks tutorials.

Here are a few chopsticks tutorials from around the web.

Chopsticks Technique and Etiquette at Rob's World
• Video: A 6-year-old explains how to use chopsticks
How To Use Chopsticks at Incredible Sushi

Do you eat with chopsticks at home, or just when you're out? What do you use your chopsticks for at home?

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(Image: Flickr member licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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