Survey: Do You Own a Soup Tureen?

A soup tureen seems a little too fussy and old-fashioned to me, an item left over from the days when dinner parties were more formal and a soup course de rigueur. That said, soup is a great thing to serve to a crowd and sometime serving it in the pot it was cooked in seems a little too informal. I solve this by using my Le Creuset dutch oven to cook and serve my soup. Its bright red exterior adds a little razzmatazz and cheer to all but the most formal occasions. What about you? How do you serve soup?

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(Image: "Fiesta" 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Marigold Soup Tureen, $280 at Dillards)

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Dana Velden has just finished writing her first book: Finding Yourself in the Kitchen: Meditations and Recipes from a Mindful Cook which is based on her Weekend Meditation posts from The Kitchn. (Rodale Press, September, 2015) She lives in Oakland, CA.