Survey: Do You Like to Eat Outside?

Here at The Kitchn, June is all about the great outdoors. Cooking, grilling, gardening, eating outside... But we're curious: how many of you really like eating outside? We like very particular conditions to eat outside (not too hot, not too cold, a minimum of bugs, etc.). What about you? Do you run outdoors with a picnic blanket as soon as the weather gets warm? Or do you prefer your indoor table?

Regardless, though, of whether you're a fan of eating your food outside or in, there's no question that June offers new landscapes to any cook. The garden, the grill, the fresh farmers markets all beckon. As a cook, what is your favorite part of getting outdoors in June?

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(Image: Flickr member The Library of Congress licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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Faith is the executive editor of The Kitchn and the author of three cookbooks. They include Bakeless Sweets (Spring 2013) as well as The Kitchn's first cookbook, which will be published in Fall 2014. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Mike.