Survey: Do You Have a Gas or Electric Stovetop?

Cooks get very passionate about their tools, and the stove is perhaps the most passion-inducing tool of them all. Many cooks feel very strongly that a gas cooktop is the only way to go — but we think that both electric and gas have their own strengths and weaknesses. Which do you have — gas, electric, or something else?

We've used both electric and gas in our rental kitchens, but we currently have gas. We love the instant control you can have over a gas flame, but we miss the ability to turn the heat down really low to a true simmer. Gas always seems just a teensy bit too hot.

What about you? What do you have, and which do you prefer?

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(Images: Sears - GE Profile Black 30 in. Gas Downdraft Cooktop and GE Profile Black w/Stainless Trim 30 in. Built-In Electric Cooktop)

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