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Finally! A reason to buy miniature plastic footballs. (We're serious.)

We love this table spread from Real Simple. It's themed without being kitschy, and the astroturf coasters are pretty cute, too. We've got another photo, below, with some easy ideas for food and a link to a great list beers to check out...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The food is classic Real Simple: little effort, little time, with a little help from the store. The potato wedges are from a frozen package (although you could easily make your own), but the toppings make them sort of taco bar-ish. And we've definitely made a version of their Pigskins in a Blanket before.

Given the timing of magazine publishing, this story obviously went to print long before we knew which teams would be playing on Sunday. So the beer list has one for every team in the NFL. There's Beermann's Rip Roarin' Red Ale for the Arizona Cardinals and Iron City Beer for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but you could offer beers representing your own (sadly, eliminated) home team or those of your guests.

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