052912-shrimp.jpg Looking for a fun summer food presentation idea? Switch up your entertaining style and serve meals on brown parchment paper instead of plates. It's unusual, remarkably pretty, and (bonus!) easy to clean up!

This idea works best when spread on big picnic tables, or when the paper is wrapped directly around burgers or other no-sauce dishes like meats and vegetables fresh off the grill (nothing too messy). Its finger-food feeling makes it well-suited to informal backyard barbeques, outdoor picnics, and other relaxed family events. Parchment paper is also recyclable and, depending on the brand you have, biodegradable, which means it can go straight into the compost, and there's no water to run and no plates to wash at the end of the night. Score!

Do you like the idea? Or are you out unless it's a crab boil? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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(Image: Martha Stewart)