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We're going to bet that some of you ate watermelon over the weekend. For us, watermelon's coming out party is usually the 4th of July, and from then on, it's a staple at picnics and cookouts. But when it comes time to cut into that big melon, we're always hoping someone else takes over...

Getting a whole watermelon broken down into more manageable pieces usually starts, for us, with ramming a big chef's knife into the middle and working it around in a circle. There's usually some cranking back and forth and a few prayers that the knife doesn't suddenly decide to fly through the thick rind and cut off a finger. It's treacherous.

The watermelon eventually cracks open, and once it's halved, everything goes more smoothly. But short of buying a machete (or buying a pre-cut melon), we're not sure of a better way to get it going.

So we thought we'd ask you. Anyone got some good, safe tips on halving a whole watermelon? What kind of knife do you use?

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