Summer Cocktails! The Full Roundup

Summer Cocktails! The Full Roundup

Faith Durand
Jun 19, 2009
Last year around this time we went on a major summer cocktail kick. There were gin gimlets, spiked boba, alcoholic vanilla milkshakes, mango coladas, drinks with basil and lemon and all other sorts of herbs. But we've published a few more since then, so here's a refreshed (and refreshing!) roundup of some serious summer cocktails. Read on for orange blossom fizz, elderflower cordial, margaritas to make you giggle, and more... Recipes, tips, basics like simple syrup, tools like that jigger cube, simple syrup with rosemary and DIY maraschino cherries, and more. Cocktails away! Cocktails pictured above are in bold below.

Cocktail Recipes

GinThe CukeThe AmericanoElderflower Cordial CocktailPineapple Basil CocktailLemon Verbena and Orange Blossom FizzBasil GimletGibson Cocktails and All About EveStraight Up: Raw Egg Whites in Cocktails (and Ramos Gin Fizzes) Are Back! plus Ramos Gin Fizz and Dead ReckoningThe Celluloid Pantry: A Tom Collins with Lime and Chinatown (1974)Earl Grey MarTEAni7 Super-Simple Citrus CocktailsSilver Fizz Cocktail from Sepia Chicago TequilaLimoncello! Limonada with Limoncello and Tequila Lemon Basil CocktailMargaritas to Make Men and Women GiggleAll About Margaritas BrandyThe Celluloid Pantry: Dirty Martinis and Sabrina (1954) The Celluloid Pantry: Brandy and Champagne and The Big Sleep (1946) WhiskeyStraight Up: The Trouble With Irish Whiskey (and James Joyce Cocktails)The Celluloid Pantry: 7 & 7s and Mean Streets (1973)Straight Up: Algonquin Cocktails for the Hungry Thirsty ReaderWhiskey and GingerMint Juleps VodkaStraight Up: Using Shiso in Cocktails (Mojitos and More)The Celluloid Pantry: Victory Lemonade with a Punch and The Miracle of Morgans Creek (1944)White Russians and The Big LebowskiStrawberry Basil LemonadeThe Fresh Mango Sweet EscapeRhubarb Basil CocktailSpiked Boba from the New York TimesRaspberry Limeade CoolerSpicy Cool Flavors of India RumDark and Stormy CocktailsMango ColadaWill You Help Save the Daiquiri? OtherGolden Dream Cocktail for Oscar NightStraight Up: Creme de Violette and Blue Moon CocktailsSweet Vermouth on the Rocks with a Twist and Groundhog Day (1993)Vanilla, Pear and Sage: Summer Cocktail with NavanTrend Spotlight: St. Germain Elderflower LiqueurPimm's Cup for the English GardenerPimm's Italiano with Mint, Lemon, Cucumber, and Fernet BrancaHibiscus MimosaMelon BelliniCoffee-Vanilla Milkshake (With a Navan Kick)Lillet Blanc and James Bond Casino Royale (a.k.a. "Vesper") MartinisMargaritas Made with BeerSummer Drink: Pastis

Cocktail Mix-Ins and Guides

DIY Simple SyrupLemon Verbena Simple SyrupDIY Cocktail OnionsSeasonal Recipe Spotlight: LimoncelloHow to Rim a Cocktail GlassVideo: Make Your Own Cocktail Onions with ArtStraight Up: Using Shiso in Cocktails (Mojitos and More)Cocktails with BasilRhubarb is Springing Up in Warm-Weather DrinksCocktail Basics: Citrus Garnishes 6 WaysCocktail Basics: All About BittersMelissa Clark’s DIY Maraschino CherriesRosemary Simple SyrupHow to Make the Best Ice Cubes for Summer Cocktails

Cocktail Gear and Tools

The Jigger CubeCocktail Gear: Three Good Muddlers Favorite Cocktail BooksIMBIBE by David WondrichSoda Club Seltzer Water Soda MakerWaring Pro Electric Martini Maker (and video demo of this odd machine here)
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