Summer Bounty Poster from Debbie Carlos

Reader Debbie Carlos just emailed to show us some oversized prints she created — from her CSA box!

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Debbie says:

I shoot primarily fine art personal works as well as a lot of food. I make a lot of black and white posters from my images and had wanted to make a food poster for a long time, but had yet to come up with a great image to use.

One day a couple of weeks ago, I picked up my weekly CSA box and decided to have some fun with it. I wound up making a huge food mess on my floor but I think it turned out great.

Nice, right? Debbie prints her posters quite large — 36"x48". This size is usually quite expensive, but she prints them on bond paper and sells them for only $45.

We love anything that can make a big bold impact on a kitchen or dining room wall for such a low price. These are gorgeous — thanks so much for sending them along, Debbie!

Find them: Summer Bounty Print, $45 in black and white at Debbie's Etsy shop. Also available in color.
Debbie's Tumblr food/photography blog

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(Images: Debbie Carlos)

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