Suggestions for Smoking Lamb as for Icelandic Hangikjöt?

Suggestions for Smoking Lamb as for Icelandic Hangikjöt?

Emma Christensen
Dec 24, 2010

Q: My Grandmother was from Iceland and she would make Hangikjöt (an Icelandic smoked lamb or mutton) for us for Christmas. The problem is she left us with no written recipe. I have come to terms that I will never be able to make it like her.

Do you have any suggestions on a good way to smoke lamb and flavor it?

Sent by Ristin

Editor: Ristin, from what we understand the lamb for Hangikjöt is first brined and then smoked in order to cure it. Several websites describe smoking it for up to two weeks to achieve proper curing!

We wonder if you could do a short-cut version by brining a leg of lamb for a few days and then grilling it with wood-chips. Definitely not the same, but still delicious. Juniper berries and rosemary could be added to the brine for a nice subtle flavor.

Here are a few links that might help:

Hangikjöt from Jo's Icelandic Recipes
Spice-Seared Leg of Lamb from the Kitchn

Readers, any suggestions?

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