Citrus Tips: Get the Most Juice from Limes & Lemons

Limes seem particularly stubborn to us, though lemons are no field day either. We've bruised our fingers plenty of times trying to get just one more teaspoon, please!, out of these stubborn little fruits. Short of investing in a special citrus squeezing tool, we've discovered a few tricks that help.Even if you use a wooden reamer or other citrus squeezer, some of these tips can help get even more juice:

Stick It In the Microwave - A good 20-30 seconds on high helps the citrus juice to flow more easily, especially if you're taking it straight from the fridge. Let it sit on the counter for a minute before juicing.

Roll It Against the Counter - Rolling helps to burst open some of the individual segments inside limes and lemons so we can get at the juice. It's like pre-juicing!

Cut It in Quarters Along the Length - It feels natural to cut a lime or lemon in half along its equator. If you cut from stem-end to navel instead, the pieces are easier to grip and squeeze. Cutting a little off center also helps to cut through some of the section membranes.

Use a Fork - If all else fails and you're convinced there's still juice to be had, try twisting the citrus segment around a fork. The tines will help to break open any remaining bits of pulp.

What other tricks do you have?

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(Image: Flickr member thepresidentwearsprada licensed under Creative Commons)