Stress-Free Thanksgiving: Cook the Turkey Overnight!

Stress-Free Thanksgiving: Cook the Turkey Overnight!

Stephanie Barlow
Nov 15, 2010

While it's true that the turkey is the simplest dish to cook on Thanksgiving, it is also the most time-consuming. Have you ever woken up before sunrise to start the bird? Why not try this method and let it slow cook while you sleep?

When cooking a large turkey (we're talking 20 to 22 pounds) or planning for a Thanksgiving meal early in the day, making sure the turkey will be cooked in time is enough to lose sleep over. Andrea Watman, head of catering for New York City's famous Zabar's market, reveals her secret to a leisurely turkey day: cooking the bird overnight.

She plans to have the turkey in the oven by 11 p.m, be in bed by midnight, and wake up to take the bird out of the oven to cool at 7 a.m. How does she avoid a totally overcooked, dry bird? Watman adds water to her roasting pan, enough to reach the roasting rack without touching the turkey itself. She's adamant this results in a fall-off-the-bone tender turkey.

Have you tried cooking your turkey overnight?

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(Image: Flickr user tuchodi licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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