Strawberry Scones, Adventures in Egg Poaching, Recipes for Every Meal, and a Low Sugar, High Protein Smoothie

Top posts for May 18-25, 2009

Really popular posts last week included the ultimate list of ideas for what to do with a can of tuna, as well as party-planning tips, lazy margaritas, snack drawers, and what to do with too-early guests in the kitchen. Here's a look at the hottest posts from last week. Read on for ten more links.

Cheap Eats: 10 Ways to Use a Can of Tuna
Planning Dinner? Popular Recipes for Every Course
Dinner Parties: 5 Great Tips for Newbies (Plus Lots More)
Perfecting Cannelé
Look! Cute Measuring Cups at Anthropologie

Eating at the Office: What's in Your Snack Drawer?

Read This: Why You Should Eat More Iceberg Lettuce

Medieval Torture Device or Bed Bath and Beyond Gadget?

Method: My Adventures in Poaching an Egg

Recipe: Low Sugar, High Protein, Dairy Free Smoothie

A Modern, Potato Salad-Free Picnic

Dinner Party Strategy: Dealing with Early-Arriving Guests

Roasted Red Pepper Mayonnaise and Lazy Margaritas

The Groom's Cake: A Crazy Chocolate Wedding Tradition

Tall, Cool Drinks for a Relaxing Long Weekend

Recipe: Strawberry-Sour Cream Scones with Brown Sugar Crumble

Previous Hot Posts: Green and Yellow Kitchens, Tortellini Salad, a Fabulous Refrigerator Makeover, and a Spring Spritzer

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