Strange Strawberry Recipes

Strange Strawberry Recipes

Chris Phillips
Jun 27, 2007

We're strawberry traditionalists. When life gives us local strawberries, we love to make strawberry shortcake weekly. But, this summer, we're tempted by a bunch of recipes that push us to think outside the shortcake.

Before our local strawberry season ends, we wanted to see if you've tried any of these recipes yet:

• New York Magazines posted a recipe for Sfoglia's Spaghetti with Strawberries.

• The New York Times Magazine posted recipes for Strawberry Tapioca Flamingo and a bubble tea-like strawberry soda (see picture).

• Le Peetite Boulanger blogged her coriander-spiked strawberry salsa.

• Bon Appetit shares this recipe for Strawberry Souffle with Sliced Strawberries.

Have another special strawberry recipe to share?

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