(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We're strawberry traditionalists. When life gives us local strawberries, we love to make strawberry shortcake weekly. But, this summer, we're tempted by a bunch of recipes that push us to think outside the shortcake.

Before our local strawberry season ends, we wanted to see if you've tried any of these recipes yet:

• New York Magazines posted a recipe for Sfoglia’s Spaghetti with Strawberries.

• The New York Times Magazine posted recipes for Strawberry Tapioca Flamingo and a bubble tea-like strawberry soda (see picture).

• Le Peetite Boulanger blogged her coriander-spiked strawberry salsa.

• Bon Appetit shares this recipe for Strawberry Souffle with Sliced Strawberries.

Have another special strawberry recipe to share?