Illustrated Stories From the Farmers' Market

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One of the fascinating things about farmer's markets are the many stories, told and untold, that can be found there, if only we look hard enough. San Francisco artist Wendy MacNaughton went to the Civic Center Farmers' Market and created a beautifully illustrated documentary called Farmer's Marker Farmers in the Own Words.

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Who are the farmers that bring their goods to the market, year in and year out, come rain or shine? What stories do they have to tell? Read this entry from Wendy MacNaughton's Meanwhile series for a glimpse into one very urban market in San Francisco where many languages, foods, and stories come together to create a rich, vibrant environment.

For additional Meanwhile's such as a visit to Sean Thackery's unlikely winery in Bolinas and the bartenders of the Mission, as well as more information about Wendy, visit her website.


(Image: Wendy MacNaughton)

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Dana Velden is a freelance food writer. She lives, eats, plays, and gets lost in Oakland, California where she is in the throes of raising her first tomato plant.