Store Review: Lehr's German Specialties

Store Review: Lehr's German Specialties

Kathryn Hill
Sep 12, 2008

If you're in San Francisco and you have a hankering for Kinder eggs, elderflower syrup, some spaetzle, and a copy of Der Spiegel, have we got the store for you.

In Noe Valley at the corner of Church and 28th, just a stone's throw from the MUNI J-Line is Lehr's German Specialties, a quaint little shop on a quiet street in San Francisco flanked by Victorian row houses. They have tons of German candies - Kinder eggs, marzipan, and other German chocolates. They have all manners of German food items such as wurst, spaetzle, Dusseldorfer mustard, sauerkraut, poppy seed pastry filling, and much more. They also have non-food items like magazines, cookware, kitschy items, and German toiletry items.

The owner is a charming German woman who often hands out free chocolates.

(Image: Wes M. on Yelp. Thanks, Wes!)

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