Store Review: Lehman's Non-Electric Catalog

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Lehman's Non-Electric Catalog just arrived. With over two-hundred new products "for simple self-sufficient living," and temptingly low prices, it can be a little overwhelming. After all, the point is to not amass more stuff. The point is to only have what you need.

So for now we're keeping the AMEX tucked safely in our back pocket and fantasizing about a living a life where we actually do need products like the Texas Pea Sheller, the Hand Cranked Blender, the super-sized 20-quart Ice Cream Maker.

Little gadgets like Pie Crust Shields and Egg Separators are almost too good to resist.

There's even some good old-fashioned cooking tools that we all might use like French-Style Rolling Pins, Terra Cotta Pie Pans, both round and rectangular Pizza Stones, and Lodge Cast Iron Cookware (including the beloved 2-sided griddle).

Go on, live the simple life.

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