Unexpected Kitchen Storage Solution! Store Container Lids In CD Racks

Better Homes & Gardens

No matter what kind of food storage containers you have — they always come with lids. When assembling lunches for the road or leftovers for the fridge, no one wants to dig through drawers to find the matching piece. Try this simple arrangement that puts to use a basic storage unit usually found holding your home media.

Since many of us have started keeping our music online or on our computers, our old cd storage racks are in need of a home (or can be found for cheap at IKEA). When these old standbys are used in your kitchen drawers, they make handy holders for your Tupperware lids.

Not having to paw through a drawer or a corner with a sloppy tower of lids? Brilliant! It's an easy solution that might also work for assorted lids to pots and pans, or food processor attachments.

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(Image: Better Homes and Gardens)

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