Stop Struggling with Your Aluminum Foil!

Stop Struggling with Your Aluminum Foil!

Amanda Waas
Jul 27, 2017
(Image credit: Amazon)

The minimalist in you will see this ChicWrap Foil Dispenser and think, "This is definitely something I do not need," but hear us out!

This dispenser has a precision slicer inside the box that allows you to simply slide a button across the foil for a clean cut. No more nicking your knuckles on those razor-sharp exposed serrated teeth as you clumsily grab for foil. (Seriously what were those box designers thinking?) Plus, the cute cooking-themed pattern is way better than a boring Reynolds Wrap box, which means you can keep it within arm's reach on your counter rather than relegating it to one of your cabinets.

Although it comes with a hefty roll of foil, it also accommodates any generic foil up to 200 feet — so you can refill as needed — and even has rubber grips on the bottom to avoid slipping.

Also available for parchment paper (bakers, rejoice!) and plastic wrap, you can buy a whole set and simultaneously keep your kitchen orderly and adorable.

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