Stoneware Canisters for Storing (and Hiding) Your Kitchen Basics

Stoneware Canisters for Storing (and Hiding) Your Kitchen Basics

Faith Durand
Sep 21, 2015

We've all seen those kitchens: the ones with neatly arranged open storage, jars lined up in a row, gleaming in glass and freakishly perfect, with the telltale signs of healthy eating on display — red and green lentils, grains, organic tea leaves. Does your kitchen look like that? Yeah, neither does mine. But I do love to have a few canisters of frequently used supplies out for ease, and these stoneware jars keep them looking stylish.

(Image credit: CB2)

In fact, it's better for things like coffee beans and tea bags to be protected from light, so if you want to leave them out in your kitchen, these stoneware jars with tight-sealing lids are the way to go. I like their cool neutral colors and interesting shapes, with the touch of warm wood.

And oh, the price is so nice too — get a set; line up your tea, coffee, and sugar, all in a row; feel happy and organized. Done!

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