Stay Cool! Water Bottle Ice Cube Trays

Stay Cool! Water Bottle Ice Cube Trays

Emma Christensen
Jun 3, 2010

Now here's a clever idea! Trays that make long and narrow ice cubes that we can easily slip through the narrow neck of a water bottle. Pretty nifty, don't you think?

We were undecided about these trays at first. We normally just freeze a little water right in our bottle the night before, and this works to keep our water cold for hours.

But then we remembered two things: 1) how often we forget to freeze our water bottles ahead of time, and 2) that many re-usable water bottles aren't designed to have liquids frozen directly inside them. Plus, the ice cubes made in these trays can certainly be used to chill regular beverages as well!

Ultimately, we'd definitely pick a tray or two up if we saw them in a store or needed to round out an Amazon order (to get the free shipping, you know!).

What do you think?

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