Starting a Cake in a Cold Oven - Does This Method Work?

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Q:  I found a recipe from Molly at Orangette for a raspberry/blueberry pound cake. She asks to put the cake in a cold oven and then turn it to 300°F.

I have never done this with any previous cakes I have made. Have you tried something like this? Does this method work well?

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Editor: First of all, here's the recipe that Mradula refers to:

Raspberry-Blueberry Pound Cake at Orangette

Our rule of thumb is that Molly's recipes always work out well; she seems to have an unerring instinct for things that taste good. But we've never used this exact method. Readers, anyone have experience with starting a cake in a cold oven?

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(Image: Molly at Orangette)

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