Stainless Steel Knife Racks from Edlund

Stainless Steel Knife Racks from Edlund

Faith Durand
Apr 3, 2009

I am still looking for a better storage solution for my knives; they are currently knocking about in a drawer. The drawer is an awkward size and I am not yet sure if it will hold an in-drawer knife rack. I don't want to give up counter space for a block, and magnetic knife racks scare me just a little bit. So I was intrigued to see these stainless steel knife racks from restaurant supply company Edlund.

I recently saw this line of professional-quality restaurant supplies over at Remodelista, and I was curious to know what you readers thought of this sort of knife storage solution.

This thing looks like it's built to last, and there's no danger of accidentally cutting yourself on a knife while grabbing it. It's definitely built for a restaurant kitchen; it's not super pretty or anything. What do you think? Do you like this kind of knife storage? Do you have a better option for your own knives?

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(Images: Edlund and Tundra Specialties)

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