Spring Fling: Homemade Dandelion Jelly

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I'm quite obsessed with the quantity of weeds in my little yard right now. There are just so many of them! Fortunately, many weeds are actually edible. (Did you know that?) Dandelions are just the first of many edible weeds, and they not only make great salads, but a lovely jelly as well.

I'm quite smitten with this dandelion jelly that Langdon Cook from Fat of the Land made. He says it was quite a bit of work (it involved 2 cups of dandelion petals!) but it was definitely worth it.

He says, in fact, that the final syrupy jelly tasted like "gelified honey." That sounds delicious!

Have you ever made dandelion jelly?

Read more: Dandelion Jelly at Fat of the Land

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(Image: Langdon Cook of Fat of the Land)

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