Spring Appetizer: Pea Pods Stuffed with Herbed Cream Cheese

I just saw these stuffed pea pods at a favorite blog, and I was struck by how pretty and fresh they are for spring! Wouldn't these look pretty (and taste delicious) as an opener for a spring meal?

These are ultra simple: Make a soft, creamy filling from cream cheese or neufchatel, mix in a little yogurt and some dill and lemon zest. Then slit open pea pods and stuff them with this goodness.

It's a bit laborious, but not much more so than slapping a spread on crostini. And these are fresh, and a bit unexpected. I imagine they're delicious — biting through that crisp pea pod into creamy, lemon-spiked filling!

Get the recipe: Spring Stuffed Peas at EmilyStyle

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(Image: Emily of EmilyStyle)

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