Spirited Gifts for Cocktail Lovers
Un-Gift Guide 2008

Spirited Gifts for Cocktail Lovers
Un-Gift Guide 2008

Nora Maynard
Dec 19, 2008

While a single-malt scotch or premium gin, rum, or liqueur is always sure to please the cocktail geek in your life, an assortment of small homemade and store-bought gifts can bring an extra-special personal touch.

We were thinking about taking the "stocking-stuffer" approach this year and filling up an inexpensive cocktail shaker or small basket with tiny surprises.

Here are some of our mix-and-match suggestions to fit a wide range of interests - and budgets:

Homemade Touches
(made from recipes found in our archives)

For Extra Color - and Flavor

  • Fresh lemons and limes
  • Orange flower water or rosewater
  • Cocktail bitters
  • A personalized sampler of spirits in airplane-sized bottles
  • Small packets of kosher salt and sugar for rimming glasses
  • Sugar cubes for making champagne cocktails, Sazeracs, and Old Fashioneds - and for serving absinthe

For Added Style

  • Knotted bamboo cocktail skewers
  • Vintage barware or glassware (thrift store or eBay finds)
  • An absinthe spoon
  • Funny bar napkins

For Inspiration

Tools of the Trade

  • Jigger for measuring ingredients
  • Bar spoon for mixing cocktails
  • Silicone ice cube tray for making perfect cubes
  • Muddler for extracting flavor from fresh fruit and herbs
  • Citrus reamer for squeezing fresh juice
  • Paring knife for slicing fruit garnishes

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(Images: Nora Maynard; Imbibe Magazine via Amazon.com)


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