Spicesutra Chocolate Bar Collection from Monica Bhide

Faith’s Daily Find 02.04.13

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Spicesutra Chocolate Bar Collection from Monica Bhide

• $30
Co Co. Sala

Monica Bhide is a wonderful food writer and a friend of The Kitchn, and she's come up with a really intriguing limited-edition set of chocolates for Valentine's Day this year. It's a partnership with a specialty chocolate shop in Washington D.C., and the flavors speak for themselves: “KESAR” (milk chocolate / saffron / cinnamon-toasted almonds), “ADRAK” (dark chocolate / candied ginger / fennel seeds), “ELAICHI” (white chocolate / green cardamom), and “GULAAB” (milk chocolate / gulkand rose preserves / toasted cashews). I am not a chocolate addict, like some I know, but I find these flavor combinations so tempting and delightful. The collection will only be available for a couple days, so if you're interested, order yours now.

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