(Image credit: Jennifer K via The Kitchn's submission form)

Oh, yes — we love a good spice storage solution! Tired of the nearly useless triangular-shaped cabinet in her kitchen island, Kitchn reader Jennifer set out to find a better way to organize her spices. Amazingly, what she discovered now allows her to store at least twice as much as before, even though the size of the cabinet hasn't changed. (Hint: IKEA may be involved in this solution.) See what she did below:

The first major change: installing four magnetic knife racks from IKEA
(Image credit: Jennifer K via The Kitchn's submission form)

Here's what Jennifer tells us about the project:

We have a kitchen with beautiful cabinets and recently finished installing new counters, including my favorite, a butcher block island. The one thing that had continued to irritate me was the seemingly useless corner cabinet. I had stuffed as many of my spices into it as I could but every time I opened the door it was a ridiculous cascade of bottles and baggies. It was impossible to find anything, or even know what I had or didn't have on hand.

The finishing touch: hexagonal magnetic jars for all the spices!
(Image credit: Jennifer K via The Kitchn's submission form)

I used magnetic knife strips from IKEA and (genius) hexagonal jars from Gneiss Spice with magnetic lids. Most of the jars are labeled on the top and bottom. I now easily have twice as much in there than I did before!

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

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