The Latest: Spice Racks

The Latest: Spice Racks

Faith Durand
Apr 27, 2007

Spices take up little space, proportionally, in a kitchen, but there's a wealth of storage solutions for them anyway. We speculate that designers just enjoy designing for pretty spices. Here's a few storage solutions we've noticed lately. Now, if someone could just design something as clever for our bulk grains, sugar and flour...

The Zevro Zero Gravity Spice Rack ($33.10, Amazon) has canisters that stick to both the top and bottom of the metal rail. They also come with pre-printed labels.

We like the look of the canisters and the promise of easy pouring, but they've received mixed reviews on Amazon.

This Two-Tier Chrome Spice Cabinet ($62.99, Organize Everything) still takes up room on precious counter space, but it keeps the spices dark, protected, and fresh longer.

If you don't have much cupboard space this might be a good option.

Hide-A-Spice Undercounter Spice Rack ($15.99, Organize Everything) is not as pretty as the other two, but depending on your cupboards and soffits could be a completely invisible storage option. The underside of our cupboards is not a place we usually think to store anything!

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