Spanish Desserts for Fall

Australian Gourmet Traveller

Australian Gourmet Traveller highlights the flavors of Spain, Catalonia, and Basque Country this month, and we are swooning over their beautiful dessert recipes and photos. Featuring warm and enticing ingredients like cinnamon, almonds, dried figs, and sweet wines, these puddings and pastries are absolutely splendid for fall.

We're especially tempted by the Drunken Almond Cakes – almond meal cakes with cinnamon and sherry syrup – and The Musician, a Catalan cream served with sweet wine, roasted nuts, and dried fruit. Check out the online galleries and if you end up making any of these, let us know how they turned out!

Spanish Sweets gallery with seven recipes including Drunken Cinnamon Cakes, Tarta de Manzana (Apple Tart), and Orange-Scented Churros with Spiked Hot Chocolate
Spanish Catalonia gallery including The Musician, a trifle-style crema Catalana
Spain's Basque Country gallery including Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding)
• Plus recipes for Polvorones (Almond Shortbreads) and Turrón (Almond Confection)

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(Images: Ben Dearnley/Gourmet Traveller)

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