Soup of the Day: Black Bean with Bacon and Mushrooms

Black bean soup is one of those things that we might just focus on all month long, if we didn't have other people to please. Black bean soup, after all, is one of the most highly adaptable soups there is. It can be creamy with yogurt, or chunky with chorizo. It can be tangy or mild, cool or fiery. Here's one particularly delicious example from Rachel of Coconut & Lime.

This is a hearty soup, says Rachel -- quick enough for lunch, but filling enough for dinner. She used pepper bacon to give it savory flavor, and oyster mushrooms because they hold up well in soups.

• Get the recipe: Black Bean with Bacon and Oyster Mushrooms Soup

Have a great soup recipe? Email us here if you have a recipe and photo to share. We may make it one of our Soups of the Day this month!

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(Image: Rachel Rappaport, licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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