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This new slicer from Rösle is not a uni-tasker; it slices tomatoes and mozzarella! Make that a big AND. All joking aside, that's rather handy for those of us who plan on eating caprese salad every day in August.

After all, a tool like this will cut evenly-sized slices from your fresh mozzarella and your tomatoes, which does make for a nice plate of caprese. We wonder though if it's equally good at slicing tomatoes and mozzarella, or if it does better on one or the other.

Do you use a slicer for any of your cheeses or for your tomatoes? Have you tried this one?

• Find it! The Rösle mozzarella and tomato slicer is available at Broadway Panhandler and via Amazon.

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(Images: Rösle; Sur La Table)