Sneak Peek: Melissa Clark Kitchen Tour

We're on a kitchen tour roll. Last Thursday we featured a tour of Bento Expert Biggie of Lunch In a Box. On Monday, I took your through Joanne Weir's beautiful kitchen in San Francisco.

So, given Nora's post today about one of our favorite food writers, Melissa Clark, and her way of making DIY Maraschino Cherries, it's only fair to give you a sneak peek into an upcoming tour of Melissa's Brooklyn kitchen.

We'll actually be doing two tours of this kitchen: a "before" and an "after." Melissa and her husband are about to demolish the entire thing. They have a baby on the way, and a renovation they've been wanting to do for years. We'll cover it head to toe next week. In the meantime, here are a few shots from when I visited for the "before" tour.

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The view from the front of the first floor, to the rear where the kitchen is. Super tall ceilings, nice afternoon light. I kind of wanted to say leave it, it's so great as it is.
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Emma, the cat.
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The island Melissa designed and had built herself. Like it? It's for sale in our classifieds!
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Melissa tested out a parfait for her column in the NY Times. I got to share it with her.

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