Snazzy Cocktails and Wines for Every Budget

Snazzy Cocktails and Wines for Every Budget

Faith Durand
Dec 31, 2008
We sure love our booze around here, and we have a couple of fabulous columnists bringing you the best in cocktails and wine every single week. Mary is a thorough wine expert who tastes dozens of bottles every week, and Nora studies the art of the cocktail assiduously -- just so we can all share a good drink from time to time. Here are some favorite wine and cocktail posts from 2008, just in time for New Year's. They include Mary's wildly popular series on cheap wine, Nora's posts on retro drinks with egg whites, and a whole roundup of refreshing summer cocktails. Posts pictured above in bold below.

Cheap(er) Wines

Affordable Wines for Gift Giving: Red and Sweet WinesAffordable Wines for Gift-Giving: White and SparklingTen Tips for Buying Everyday WinesCheap Wine: Best Pinot Noir Under $20How To Choose Good Cheap Wine from the Big Brands: Cabernet SauvignonHow To Choose Good Cheap Wine from the Big Brands: Pinot GrigioTop Wine Picks from Trader Joe's Wine Store in New York CityCheap Wines for Tough Times

Other Wine Topics

All About Fair Trade WineWine Bottle Closures: Cork vs. Screw CapJuly 4th Celebrations: The Importance of American WinesWines for Hot and Spicy FoodsWhy Sherry Is So ExtraordinaryFood and Wine Pairing: A Grilled Summer Menu of Herbed Pork, Tender Ravioli, and Garden Greens

Cocktail Recipes and Liquor

Repeal Day Tipple: AbsintheSpotlight on Rum: Some Fresh(-Pressed) OptionsCozy Whiskies for Chilly Fall Days: Smoky Single MaltsAll in the (Cocktail) Family: SoursCocktail Basics: All About BittersEnd-of-Summer Cocktail: Whiskey Peach SmashEscape to Bermuda with Dark and Stormy CocktailsSlow Spirits: Mixing Drinks the "Slow Food" WayCulinary Cocktails: The Spicy/Cool Flavors of IndiaTop 5 Intriguing Cocktail NamesHow to Create Your Own Cocktail RecipesRaw Egg Whites in Cocktails (and Ramos Gin Fizzes) Are Back!Creme de Violette and Blue Moon Cocktails • Also see the full roundup of a whole series last summer on cool and refreshing summer cocktails: Summer Cocktails! The Full Roundup

Cocktail Accessories and Accompaniments

Cocktail Basics: DIY Grenadine SyrupHow to Make the Best Ice Cubes for Summer CocktailsRecipe Review: Melissa Clark’s DIY Maraschino CherriesStraight Up: DIY Simple SyrupFavorite Cocktail BooksDIY Cocktail OnionsHow to Rim a Cocktail Glass for Margaritas - and More
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